Psychooncology Curriculum

Licensing as non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy

Body therapy training - 3 years

Gestalt therapy training - 4 years

Work in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry (including cancer research) since 1990

Studies in molecular biology in Freiburg, Munich, Princeton - PhD, 1986

Born and raised in Greece

Dr. Lilian Vakalopoulou

Gestalt therapist, psychooncologist, coach + biologist

With Gestalt I would like to support people on their path of personal development.
Professionally, I originally come from science and worked for many years as a molecular biologist in (i.a. cancer) research. In addition to research, I later entered the organisational side of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
I worked with a wide variety of companies, large and small, and led many teams. Due to my job, I took part in coaching seminars several times during this time and thus developed my love for successful communicative interaction with my fellow human beings.
When my two children grew up, I started the four-year training as a Gestalt therapist. At the same time I became a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy. I then supplemented my expertise with a further three years of training in body therapy and psycho-oncology.
It is a matter of the heart for me to support people and listen to them, simply put: I am interested in people. My view is holistic.
In addition to my work in my practice, I am psychotherapeutically involved with Medizin Hilft e.V. and support children with a refugee background as a mentor, among other things.