Gestalt therapy

Method and attitude to life

Gestalt therapy is both a therapeutic approach and a way of life. Gestalt belongs to the humanistic methods of psychotherapy and coaching. 
The aim is to support people in their further development and not to change people per se.
Clients are self-responsible beings. I support them in recognising, experiencing and better expressing their abilities, feelings and needs.
In the work between therapist and client, the focus is on contact and experiencing in the here and now. In this encounter between therapist and client, the emerging field and the construction of a “gestalt” play a substantial role. 
It is about helping people to take responsibility for themselves. It is important to understand one’s own limits. My task is to support my counterpart in recognising where patterns and beliefs are working. Only by experiencing the here and now do we enter the space for the healing process and activate the necessary energies to overcome problems independently.

Main focus


Anxiety + Panic Attacks
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Lack of self-esteem
Difficult relationship circumstances
Upheavals + crisis
Trauma sequelae disorders
Grief + loss

Everyone could use support at certain stages in their lives. Psychotherapy is aimed at clients who want to develop their abilities to cope with crises and upheavals.


New perspectives + change
Burnout Syndrome
Life Goals + Meaning
Joy of life
Professional goals

Coaching/consulting is aimed at people who have specific problems/issues and want to be supported in setting clear goals. These issues can often be time-limited and situational.


Psychotherapy o. Coaching for diseases (tumor disease)

Psycho-oncology is dedicated to the connections between illness and its impact on one’s entire life and offers targeted support to those affected and their families in dealing with the changing life situation.

In addition to classic individual therapy, I offer a workshop aimed at women affected by cancer during or after the completion of the treatment phase.